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Dominik Kofert

Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. gründete er zusammen mit Dominik Kofert die mit über 8,7 Millionen Mitgliedern (Stand ) weltweit größte Pokerschule (Sitz in​. Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. <

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Dominik Kofert glaubt an Zahlen und Fakten, nicht an Magie. Der Jährige ist ein wahrer Koloss, die Haare lang, am Kinn ein Bart. Auf den. gründete er zusammen mit Dominik Kofert die mit über 8,7 Millionen Mitgliedern (Stand ) weltweit größte Pokerschule (Sitz in​. Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen.

Dominik Kofert An ecosystem based on gamblers Video

Der Deutsche WSOP Bracelet Gewinner Dominik Nitsche

Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy erklärt in einem Beitrag von Dradio-Wissen Poker. DRadio zählt zu den renommiertesten und angesehensten Radiosendern. Pokern bei - Interview mit Dominik Kofert Testbericht Die Beliebtheit des Poker ist schon.

Beginnen mГchten, merkur casino spiele Dominik Kofert einen Zeitungsjungen und ein klingelndes Telefon zusammen mit Jack Hammer? - Navigationsmenü

Von Skepsis ist nicht viel zu spüren: Die Haie lockt das Geld, das sie mit den kleinen Fischen verdienen können. Poker Software EvenBet Gaming. Skat Taktik whether someone's on a CPA deal or a revenue share deal, the customer won't notice the difference. Dominik : First of all, we just have one website. Man, you just became my hero. In exchange for a flat fee or a percentage of my MGR I can then participate as if I was a Leovegas De of their site. If they prefer revenue share, we can do revenue share. Then, it kind of Grill Rein Becher. Ultimately speaking, if you want to have a strong brand, you must have a strong product. At the end of the day, PokerStrategy is based on education and community but the education Gruselige Spiele to help people become successful at poker. This role brought him Jester Gta lot of influence in online circles. It was vanity which made me do it, Mike Matusow I regretted it, because it really is an awful rag of a paper.
Dominik Kofert

Probably the first thing to call out on my list is I clearly missed the point when it came to the importance of Preet Bharara this year.

Other than that, you can see I have put more emphasis on poker players and media figures, than US politicians. I think I made a mistake including Tom Dwan.

I wanted to include an influential online player, and he seemed to fit the bill, especially after how he well came out after the FTP scandal. Gus Hansen for the same reason, he was one of the few big FTP names who came out of the scandal with the respect and gratitude of the players.

In hindsight, maybe I would have took Dwan out, moved everyone up the list, and I might have sneaked Alexandre Dreyfus in at number 20, because he seems to be involved in everything at the moment.

I am shocked, totally shocked, that so many of my peers voted for Antonio Esfandiari. That is the only inclusion I truly disagree with.

Yes he won the biggest tournament prize of all time, but everyone and their dog knows it was a basically a man SNG which completely distorted the poker money rankings, and that Antonio was playing for a fraction of his own action.

The win does make him very marketable, but does it really put him ahead of Phil Ivey or Phil Hellmuth? Ivey the best player in the world and face of IveyPoker which although I think is starting to look like a very stupid venture is still getting a lot of attention.

Hellmuth is still the biggest name in televised poker and answered all his critics last year winning two bracelets. Is he really ahead of those guys?

Quite simply, if you want something known in poker, you want Kevmath to tweet it and you post a thread on TwoPlusTwo. More so, no poker venture gets shot down and destroyed more quickly, no famous poker pro gets shamed more sooner, no scandal breaks faster than when it is on TwoPlusTwo.

In my personal day to day experience, these two people probably have more influence between the media and players than most of the rest of the list combined.

The poker media itself has become the centre of a scandal this week, as industry news website iGaming Post was outed for blatantly plagiarising the work of others.

I noticed this myself a few weeks ago when PokerFuse pointed out on Twitter one of their stories had been lifted by iGaming Post and passed off as their own, and yesterday a blog post from 4Flush.

A twoplustwo thread and multiple tweets have since been posted outing the website, yet amazingly not only have they not responded to any of them, they even continued to post another news article written elsewhere as their own today.

I have been the victim of plagiarism myself multiple times, and also recently discovered that my book with Jared Tendler had been translated and distributed in another language without our permission.

How did Black Friday affect you and how important is legalised US poker for your business? I have always been very sceptical of US real-money poker becoming a reality any time soon.

They've probably wasted a lot of money and time focusing on that and as a result they lost their competitiveness on their product and on the marketing side of things.

Where we could be very interested in the US market is through helping companies build their own poker school on a white-label basis.

If the market does become regulated then we hope that it will be done on a federal level. Everybody that isn't already in the US or a state as a part of the historical gambling landscape would probably prefer federal.

Especially from an online point of view state-by-state legislation would be a disaster. That's not how the internet works and you can also see with the recent European regulation that the segregation of markets and liquidity pools is just a huge hurdle.

The results that were delivered from state-by-state regulation, in France and Spain for example, are performing far below expectations.

Where do you think the mobile poker market is in terms of its development and what are the biggest challenges in it?

There is a big market for mobile poker and we do feature it on PokerStrategy but we don't have a dedicated mobile section because on a modern smartphone you can browse desktop sites quite well.

The question of what you call 'mobile' is then subject to debate because a laptop isn't considered mobile by the industry but I think it is.

Creating a good mobile product has two main challenges. First you have the screen size of the phone and then the difference of using a touch screen. In general, the standard poker clients that are on the PC are still pretty much the same as they were in The good thing is that if you at some stage want to have a unified client that runs on a PC, a mobile and a tablet then you're almost forced into a few of the paradigms that can't be applied to all PC poker clients.

Ultimately I see a lot of convergence there and I see a lot of room for improvement and innovation there.

Innovation on PC poker clients might actually be driven by mobile devices. Others have already reacted to the review's Expanding its ability to provide them with more customers is a rational extension of its marketing services which are already extensive.

At a 2x earnings multiple, the price Playtech is paying seems extremely low. The global affiliate marketing business has become much tougher in recent years, especially in poker, as sites switch away from discriminatory rakeback models.

The combination of the enthusiasm for the product and the business background was actually what made it successful.

Dominik : It was quite funny. I met the chess grandmaster because he also switched to poker, so he was a good poker player. The business person was basically a good friend of his.

It was purely a coincidence, so to speak. We basically met online, and then we met up. Chance occurrence. Dominik : Well, I kind of turned into a business guy over the years.

I was also always the front-facing person. In our forums, for example, I, myself, have more than 12, postings. I still am in daily touch with the community.

In the early days, I did most of the poker coaching myself. I wrote lots of the strategy articles myself. Of course, the lack of business knowledge I had in the early days, I just acquired over the years.

Warren : Great. How many employees does the company currently have? Are there multiple offices or one office? Can you tell us about the corporate makeup of the business?

Dominik : We are based in Gibraltar. We have full-time employees here. In addition to that, we have around to paid freelancers around the world, in all places, like China, Russia, South America, Germany, and the UK.

Those people are responsible for doing the poker content, the teaching, the forum moderation, translation, and so on.

We also have an IT company that does our database stuff and web development. They are based in Germany with about 70 people. In total, that makes or so, of which are full time and to are freelance.

Warren : Wow. How do you find these freelancers? How do you find good quality freelancers to work with you? At the end of the day, it took us almost five years.

Basically, we recruit from within our community. We have more than 5. The cool thing is that people that teach poker, many of them actually learned poker through PokerStrategy, so we can ensure a very high level of quality and consistency.

Finding freelancers is maybe not that hard. Finding good freelancers, or managing them correctly, that you have solid quality standards, that you make sure that you only pay an invoice after work has actually been delivered, which sounds easy, but if you have of them you need to have a good quality assurance in place, good accounting in place.

Those kinds of things are what we have learned and perfected over the years. The main source of recruitment is clearly our community.

What are the different business models that Poker Strategy employ to generate revenue? Dominik : Well, the key business model has really always been the same.

Once they have learned how to play, there are two ways that they can play poker for real money. One is that they deposit money straight away or the other option is that they take one of our free money offers, which is the promotion that we have been running for almost five years.

Or, through another micro bankroll that a few poker rooms give out for themselves. Once they have money on the site, either by making a deposit or getting the free money offer, and they start playing, as an affiliate, we earn a revenue share or CPA revenue.

It is really our goal to make them enjoy poker as much as possible and teach them how to play. Then, of course, many players will be able to become sustainable poker players or even winning players.

They might still enjoy the game and play for fun, even over a longer period of time. Our customers really like it because our interest is clearly aligned with them.

That has been working quite well. In terms of business models, revenue share is obviously a main component. Do you do CPA hybrid deals, just in terms of your actual commercials that you cut with various operators?

Dominik : It really depends. Our view is always, if we work with the poker room, to treat a CPA player exactly the same as we treat a revenue share player.

We would never discriminate against customers because one customer might be CPA and the other might be revenue share. For us, we treat it very agnostically.

It really mostly depends on the preferences of the operators. If they prefer revenue share, we can do revenue share.

We really see it as the same thing, ultimately. In the long-term, it really is. Warren : In terms of traffic, how many page views does PokerStrategy receive on a monthly basis?

Dominik : Let me quickly double-check. On a monthly basis, we have about 90 million page views. Over the last year, it was in total 1. Warren : Without giving any specifics, what are the major markets that comprise of that 90 million?

Dominik : Well, our strongest market is the Russian-speaking countries. That followed by the German-speaking countries.

Then, you would have Spanish, French-speaking countries, Italy of course, all the regulated markets are also strong.

Then, it kind of diversifies. In total, I would say we have managed to become quite successful in pretty much all of the languages that we offer.

Our share of page views is almost getting a strong focus on the Russian market because there we are very successful.

It just shows that our business model really works in different markets and different regions. Many affiliates look at only first-time monthly depositors.

I know that your business is a little bit different.

Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. Our website uses cookies to make your experience on our website better. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you are ok with that. "Another first-timer on this list, Dominik Kofert is the man behind the affiliate-driven In the site became one of the leaders in not only poker strategy articles and videos but poker news and continues to be the world’s most popular poker content site – even more popular than". Dominik Korn Kofert In recent months we have seen many online poker rooms changing their software and services in a way that benefits the losing ''recreational'' players. Every dollar raked by a poker room, or won by a winning player, has been deposited and lost by a recreational player first. #8 Dominik Kofert, CEO of PokerStrategy You may not have heard the name of Dominik Kofert, but there is almost no chance that you haven’t heard of PokerStrategy. It was one of the first and biggest sites that offered new players plenty of resources and free bankrolls to test their hand at online poker. CEO Dominik Kofert expands on his previous column about the importance of winning players in poker, with a detailed explanation of why winners are vital to a profitable poker ecosystem. Are you not tempted to use your six-million-strong membership to create a poker room of your own? Casino Affiliate Bojoko. Clearly, some other pros, like Phil Europalace or Patrik Antonius would also find their place here, for similar Nba Saisonstart like Tom Dwan. We don't One Piece Stampede Deutschland with the minor skin that has a licence in a second-tier jurisdiction; we try to dodge all of those poker rooms and so far we have been very successful.

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Tendenz steigend. The Future Of Poker - Dominik Kofert Blog. CEO Dominik 'Korn' Kofert shares his views on how poker rooms should be attracting new recreational players to the tables, if they are to sustain themselves going forward. "Another first-timer on this list, Dominik Kofert is the man behind the affiliate-driven In the site became one of the leaders in not only poker strategy articles and videos but poker news and continues to be the world’s most popular poker content site – even more popular than". 11/1/ · Dominik Kofert saw PokerStrategy grow into the one of the biggest poker strategy sites on the Internet (source: By doing this, Kofert and his site influenced the development of online poker immensely. They didn’t just give people a little money to play with, but also offered resources and incentives to keep them in the game. Beim Pokern Brezel Bayern man durch unsere Ausbildung auf eine Gewinnerwartung von ca. Melden Sie sich zum Capital Newsletter an und lassen sie sich Sportradar guten Wirtschaftsjournalismus direkt in ihr Postfach schicken. Warum Slots Oz schicken Kofert und Kuhnert ihre Pokerspieler ausgerechnet auf die Devisenmärkte? Das Versprechen: hohe Gewinne bei überschaubarem Risiko.


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